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Our blood runs thick with the coffee bean, and nothing but love, love and more love goes into our process of hand-picking our coffees. We offer only coffees that we are thrilled about ourselves and we accept nothing less than a thrilling experience for our customers.

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Let’s Reduce Our Plastic Consumption

Let’s Reduce Our Plastic Consumption

As a quick recap, our last post was about the amount of paper cups (16 billion) and plastic cups (500 billion) get thrown away every year.  In today’s blog, we are going to cover the effects of some of this trash on one of our most precious resources, the ocean. You...

Coffee and Compost

Coffee and Compost

This week we will continue to cruise along the same wavelength as last week’s blog post, which talked about our coffee’s byproduct after brewing a pot of coffee.  Most everyone who drinks coffee has probably heard about putting the grounds into gardens, nurseries,...

Coffee Waste… where does it all go?

Coffee Waste… where does it all go?

Have you ever had the thought run through your mind while drinking your daily cup (or multiple cups) of coffee, “I wonder what they do with the coffee grinds they made my coffee with?”.  Yah, us neither.  Just kidding.  We do all the time. According to sustainability...



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